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The largest collection in the world of prime quality Russian art, unique in its depth and scope, comparable only to the holdings of major Russian museums.
Many of the key names in Russian art from 1800 to 2000 are represented.
The stock covers:
- WORKS ON PAPER (one-offs and low edition prints)
All works are offered for sale at the most competitive prices.
Discount schemes are available for regular clients/ quantity purchases.
We can supply:
- Private clients looking for one-off decorative works of art to display in their homes.
- Corporate clients seeking to display art in the offices.
- Dealers and galleries looking for large stocks of commercial pieces, available at prices comparable to those they would pay in Russia itself, but without the need to travel there, and avoiding the bureaucratic nightmare associated with exporting works of art from Russia.
- Serious collectors wishing to acquire exclusive names of museum quality can be catered for, whether purchasing a one-off piece, or in helping you to form large collections.
Unrivalled quality advice and expertise on all aspects of Russian art, sourced from our multi-thousand volume library, our customised database of names and many years of practical experience.

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  1. Gathering grapes

    Stock no. 00001AC Learn More
  2. Original theatre stage design.

    Stock no. 00003AC Learn More
  3. Dancing girl

    Stock no. 00005AC Learn More
  4. Nizami's Hand

    Nizami was the national poet of the Azeri people Learn More
  5. Lenin

    Stock No 00007AC Learn More
  6. Nude

    Stock No 00008AC Learn More
  7. Military Uniform

    Stock no. 00009AC Learn More
  8. Tree branch

    Stock No 00010AC Learn More

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Items 1 to 10 of 4432 total

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